Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Estate Sale.

On the 2nd of this month I went to a deceased estate sale. 
The owners of the item were in their 80's. 
It’s kind of sad to be there and watch it all get sold, but it was romantic that the couple had passed within a month of each other.

They had a lot of stuff. I mean alot! It started at 9.30am it took the auctioneer 2 hours to go through all the outdoor equipment they had.

Some of the items they had:
 This is similar to the one there. It had wheels and was FULL of sewing items!
It went for $165.00! just a bit too high for me...

Something similar to this also full of sewing stuff.
Went for $85.00 again too high for me.
(damn being broke)

Some things i did win/buy.
Cost: $0.00

This awesome tin. It was in with a bunch of other tins (about 20) the lot went for $45. 
Couldn’t spend $45 on just one tin.  But my mum being my mum asked the winner if we could buy just that one! He just gave it to her!!!

Cost $30.00
This is one of 3 boxes that went in the same lot. 
A few items from the box:
This awesome book. Love it.

The 'nice' patterns.

New Idea 1978, Australian Woman’s Mirror 1967 and 1957.

 2 tubs of fabric. None are very big though, mostly scraps.

Singer 502 Sewing Machine with cover case.

There is alot more that came with it, its waiting for me at my mums.

Total cash spent :$61.00
Total time spent: about 6 hours total.
I think I like garage sales better.

Now I'm off to finish my UFO, unfinished object. 
More on that soon!

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