Monday, June 27, 2011

Things I do III

I finally have some finished items!! Yay.
Now I finally have something to dress up my ever growing collection of cardigans.
These took awhile to make as I have no pliers or wire cutters yet...
 They are made with buttons, clip on earings, necklaces and cameos.
You can find more about them over here.
Hope you like them as I have many more to come!

Flags of my Neighbour II

Flag for 27/06/2011
Todays Flag:
The schwarz-weiƟ-rot flag (black-white-red) was adopted by the North-German Union in 1867, as a combination of the black-white of Prussia and the red-white of the Hanseatic League. In 1871 it was adopted as flag of commerce for the German Reich, and in 1892 promoted to national flag. The war flag (Kriegsflagge) from 1867 to 1921 was a white field, a black cross with in its middle a round escutcheon with the Prussian eagle, and the dexter chief quarter the black-white-red flag with an Iron Cross.
In 1919 the black-red-gold flag was adopted but as a compromise the black-white-red remained with a canton bearing the black-red-gold as commerce flag (and the war flag was the same plus an Iron Cross in the middle). The Nazis eliminated the red-black-gold in 1933 but continued to use the black-white-red (without the canton) as national and commerce flag until Sept. 15, 1935, when the more familiar Nazi flag was adopted uniformly (the war flag being a red field, black cross with swastika in the middle and Iron Cross in dexter chief.
Today this flag is frequently used by neo Nazis and extreme nationalist in countries where the use of the swastika/Nazi flag has been outlawed.

I will say I have no idea if my neighbor is or is not a Nazi or a Nazi supporter. I am most defiantly not. And was a bit shocked when I goggled the flag and found out what it is.
Again I will stress I do not support Nazis.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flags of my Neighbour I

This post has nothing to do with sewing but just love it. I have a neighbor that flies a different flag almost every day! Today I didn’t have a clue what flag he had out, google to the rescue!

Flag For 25/06/2011
Todays flag:
Following the Act of Union the English Standard was dropped, and incorporated into the new coat of arms for Britain. Featuring in the coats of arms for all member of the Royal family, and making up the first and fourth quarters of Queen Elizabeth's standard. The other quarters featuring the red lion of Scotland on yellow, and the yellow Irish harp on blue.

Hope you learn something, I sure did :D.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garage Sales IV and Opp Shopping III

This is a few opp shops / garage sales in one. Ive been sooo slack lately! But I did make a BIG change this week. I quit my bad job! I feel so much better, although now its starting to sink in that I am now unemployed.... But I know I had to quit. One can only be made to feel inadequate for so long, 3 months was my limit!

On to better things now!
This first lot i picked up at "savers", Is a recycle store, NOT a charity shop, The ARE for profit. I know some may think its just like St Vinnie's, Its not. Still you will get a bargain and reuse/recycle so not all bad!