Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas All.

First Garage Sale.
I went to my first lot of garage sales a few weeks ago and man did I find some treasures. Really cant wait for more, but all the holidays fall on Saturdays… guess I’ll just have to wait :D

At one of the garage sales my mum called me over to a box of patterns. As I was looking through the ower/seller said $5 for the box. I replied ‘done’. Once I got home I cataloged all my new patterns, all 70 of them! (thats 7c each)

Here is a few that i LOVE.

The big find! Only thing wrong with it is, it has no instructions and its a size 18 and I'm an 8. This will put my skills to the test!!

Hope Everyone has a safe and merry Christmas.

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