Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Sew Weekly Theme: The Colour Purple.

Yes Colour, not color! I am Australian after all...

After a busy work week, well busy for me, I’m posting about my dress for The Sew Weekly Challenge: The Colour Purple!
My creation this week will most likely be worn for a wedding over the weekend, Pics to come.
It’s also been a stash busting dress for me too, I've had the fabric for about 6 months now... It was purchased from J and O Fabrics, I recommend buying from them. It was easy, quick and rather cheap! Most fabrics are $9 a meter and I found out postage for international areas was $13 for less than 7 yards!
On to the dress! A different combo of New Look 6699 was use for this. The first combo was for my ‘Mum’ dress! It’s a really great pattern with LOTS of options!

I LOVE pansy and I LOVE purple! So this has to be one of my favorite dresses to date!! The fabric has a fair bit of stretch and is not too heavy, we are in summer over here now, my favorite time of the year!

Fabric: Printed cotton, 2 meters, $22.30
Pattern: New Look 6699 $8.50
Year: 2010's
Zip: opp shop zipper $0.60
Buttons: None
Time to complete: 5 hours.
Pattern Difficulty: 4/10
First worn: August 2011.
Wear again? Yes, can’t wait!
Total Cost:  $31.40

Also as its now December and that time of year, here is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Happy sewing!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Sew Weekly Theme: Mad for Plaid!

So once again I’ve gone back through the Sew Weekly Challenges I missed (there is a heap I missed) and pick one! 
So this week its: Mad for Plaid!!

I actually finished my dress for this challenge on time….I just didn’t post it!
 When I saw this challenge I knew the exact fabric I wanted to use! I had about 1.3 meters of 45’’ purple fabric that I got a garage sale a few months ago. I wanted to use Simplicity 6023. for this week but pattern pieces were missing!!! I asked for help over here took the advice! I also looked it up to find a year and came across this picture via google, This lead me to Tanit-Isis, surprise, surprise a fellow Sew Weekly member!
So Tanit-Isis, you inspired me so much here is my version of Simplicity 6023. 

I had to cut 4’’ off the skirt pattern as I didn’t have a whole lot of fabric! Lucky I’m only 5 foot short! I just love the dress! The puffy sleeves are just too cute!

Fabric: Printed cotton $2.00
Pattern: Simplicity 6023 $0.30
Year: 1970's
Zip: opp shop zipper $0.40
Buttons: self covered, 3 from a kit $0.90
Time to complete: 8 hours.
Pattern Difficulty: 7/10 (missing pieces)
First worn: August 2011.
Wear again? Yes, now its summer!
Total Cost:  $3.60

Happy Sewing!