Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Sew Weekly Theme: Mom (Mum)

With all the free time I have being unemployed I have now been able to get right into sewing! I've made 4 dresses in the last 2 weeks!
This is dress number 1. 

I decide to go back through the Sew Weekly Challenges I missed (there is a heap I missed) and pick one. So this week its:
Mom or Mum for us Aussies!

This is my Mum back in 1972, well before she met my dad!
The dress is actually white and red with white polka dots. 
I took my inspiration from it.

My dress uses the New look 6699 pattern. (So many options in this pattern)
I have no idea what the fabrics are in this, I’m so bad with the names of fabric, both thrifted! The bodice fabric is some sort of nylon very thin/sheer. It is white and has random small red dots all over. I got it from an op shop for $2.50 for about 2 meters. The red fabric is very soft and a little shiny and very drapery. Moves and shifts like crazy! I got 5.5 meters for about $1! (A garage sale seller said $5 for a bag; I grabbed maybe 5 or 6 fabrics!)
The hem needs re-doing, badly! The moving and shifting did wonders... I might have to hem it by hand! The horror!!

The zip, oh the zip! I own about 25 zips, all thrifted or store bought for projects that never started. The pattern called for a 14 inch zip, I have about 4 14 in zips, 1 black, 1 navy and 2 dark brown! I did have a white 12 inch zip! So with the help of 2 fabric covered buttons (first time using them, fun as) hey presto 14 inches! I think it also adds so much more to the dress than a plain zip would have.

In the end I’m very happy with the dress! Can’t wait to wear it, I do have a few engagement parties coming up soon! 

Fabric: White Nylon with red spots .6 meters, White cotton lawn lining .6 meters and red fabric (5.5 meters cost $1.00) 1.5 meters $2.25
Pattern: New look 6699 On sale  $7.50
Year: 2007.
Notions: Op Shop zipper  $0.40
Time to complete: 15 hours
First worn: August 2011
Wear again? Yes please, Can't wait!
Total Cost:  $10.15

Till next time happy sewing.

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