Monday, January 30, 2012

No Sew this week.

I didn’t get any sewing done this week as I had a bad week. 
On Friday afternoon it was decided that my 17 year old dog Tom was to sick, old, and hot to keep going. My dad made the call to have him put down. He was 80% blind and deaf, and on his final day lost the use of his back legs completely. His last meal was 2 vanilla ice creams, its all he would eat. He couldn’t even lift his head high enough to get water.

Tom became a part of my family in about 1995/96, I was 12. He was a farm dog that chased the ducks, his then owners didn’t want him chasing the ducks. So the sold him. Thus he became our 5th family member. I am now 27 and  miss him so much already.

I went to the vets with my mum and dad and we were with him as he passed. After seeing this transition first hand I recommend that all family members be there is this happens to you. Your ‘furbaby’ will look for its family as it happens! (For very young children it may not be the best as there is some twitching afterwards.)
Now I plan on making Missiles doggy life as good as his big brother Toms.
On a much happier note Missile turns 1 this Wednesday!
Hope your week is better than mine. Happy Sewing.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sew Weekly Challenge, Theme: Make This Look

We are at week 3 already! This theme is Make This Look
Hope all you Aussies are staying cool, its been hot! Even hottor in a polyester dress....
so here is my Sew Weekly post:

The “Master Mixologist” Dress

The Facts

Fabric:Baby Blue polyester from a garage sale $2. Baby blue cotton sheet for lining in stash.
New Look 6968 $7.50
: 1 x 21″ zip, in stash.
Time to complete:
7 hours
First worn:
 January 2012
Wear again?
Yes, When the weather gets cooler, much cooler!

Total Cost: ~$10

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Sew Weekly Challenge, Theme: Buttons

Here is dress number 2 for the Sew Weekly Challenge. Last weeks theme was buttons and I just loved it! Next week is Make This Look. We can pick any dress form the Make This Look page and make it our own! Im going a bit Glee, But more about that next week ;D

 The ‘You look like a 40′s Nurse’ Dress

The Facts

Fabric: Kelley green & White stretch poplin cotton $19.22
Pattern: McCalls 4769

Year: 2005
Notions: 7 white Rose buttons $1.99. Time to complete: 15hrs +

First worn: Jan. 16, 2012
Wear again?: I’m sure!
Total Price: $21.20

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sew Weekly Challenge 2012

I’ve mentioned before my love for Mena and her blog The Sew Weekly. She started in 2010 making 1 dress per week and photographing it. Last year she asked if anyone else wanted to join here and 4 other wonderful ladies were chosen (Adey, Debi, Sarah and Veronica) this year is a bit different! As long as you get your theme outfit in on time and with nice photos you could be a Featured Contributor! Fun!
Last year I did a pitiful job on the challenge and only made about 10 out of 52 outfits! This year I hope to make 52 out of 52...and maybe even make it to the feature section!
Last weeks theme was: Accessorize. This is my post (also readable here)

A Tattoo is a Permanent Accessory for a Grand Dress!

 The Facts
Fabric : Rainbow Brite Bed sheet & Yellow and white polka dot cottons and lined with yellow cotton lawn
: Simplicity 9590 with some changes.
: 1 7″ Zip, Red Bias Binding
Time to complete:
6 hours
First worn:
Wear again?
Oh Yes, this has become my favorite summer dress!Total price: Well the zip was .60c. The yellow was from a UFO I started about 10 years ago…so i’d say its about 2.00. Red Bias Binding; .25c and the Rainbow Brite bed sheet was a dress that I bought off the net, I was very said that the style just didn’t suit me, at all! It cost me $95!! I used about 1/3 of the dress to make this, so the total is about  $37.50!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Sewing Space

G'day all and Happy New Year. It’s been a hot start to the year here, between 35°C and 45°C!!
Anyway it's been a year since I moved back to my home town from Melbourne, and I finally have a usable work space!
Still needs a lot of work, sorting out patterns, peg hooks for the 2 peg boards, storage or display for my vintage suitcases! I have 10 now! The most 1 has cost me was $7 dollars, most places want at least $20...
I’m thinking something like this but free standing (renting, can’t put holes in the walls) Make each shelf the a little bit smaller than the suitcase, and space them so they just fit.

This is my little man enjoying the sun!
Anyway back to sewing!
Happy New Year all