Monday, January 30, 2012

No Sew this week.

I didn’t get any sewing done this week as I had a bad week. 
On Friday afternoon it was decided that my 17 year old dog Tom was to sick, old, and hot to keep going. My dad made the call to have him put down. He was 80% blind and deaf, and on his final day lost the use of his back legs completely. His last meal was 2 vanilla ice creams, its all he would eat. He couldn’t even lift his head high enough to get water.

Tom became a part of my family in about 1995/96, I was 12. He was a farm dog that chased the ducks, his then owners didn’t want him chasing the ducks. So the sold him. Thus he became our 5th family member. I am now 27 and  miss him so much already.

I went to the vets with my mum and dad and we were with him as he passed. After seeing this transition first hand I recommend that all family members be there is this happens to you. Your ‘furbaby’ will look for its family as it happens! (For very young children it may not be the best as there is some twitching afterwards.)
Now I plan on making Missiles doggy life as good as his big brother Toms.
On a much happier note Missile turns 1 this Wednesday!
Hope your week is better than mine. Happy Sewing.

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  1. how sad, I really feel for you. I'm sure he is at peace now.