Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garage Sales IV and Opp Shopping III

This is a few opp shops / garage sales in one. Ive been sooo slack lately! But I did make a BIG change this week. I quit my bad job! I feel so much better, although now its starting to sink in that I am now unemployed.... But I know I had to quit. One can only be made to feel inadequate for so long, 3 months was my limit!

On to better things now!
This first lot i picked up at "savers", Is a recycle store, NOT a charity shop, The ARE for profit. I know some may think its just like St Vinnie's, Its not. Still you will get a bargain and reuse/recycle so not all bad!

The Yellow eyelet fabric was 2.99 for about 4 meters (4.3 yards) 
The zips, .99c each
the lace was 1.99 for about 5 meters (5.4yards)
The 4 patterns cost .99c each! shame about the price tags being stuck on!

 These patterns were from 1 garage sale. i was amazed at the find, there are a few more that came with it, 3 more in fact. I got the 10 for 2.00! that's 20c a piece!

So now the job hunt begins. Hopefully with some time off i can get some sewing , crafting and blogging done! Although with the puppy at home with stitches I'm not confident... 
Also my order for my cardigan clips came in, yay!
 Until next time, Happy sewing.

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