Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its All New

I have almost finished this dress; in the end I think its just missing something.
I’m going to add straps, a bow at the front, and belt loops!
(The white tee was put over my doll as it got rather busy with the flowers and checks)
To keep the dress up normally, as I’m adding straps, the top band of the dress has elastic in it!
At first I thought this was odd as I'd never done it. But I've always used a pattern that called for boning.
I used a combo of 2 patterns for this. I didn’t like the way the skirt gathers in new look pattern so I used the skirt from the vogue pattern I’ve use many times!

On to other new things!
I have finished so more cardigan clips and necklaces.

These are for sale over at The Little Taylor Facebook page.
Hope you like them, Happy sewing!

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