Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Sew Weekly Theme: The Colour Purple.

Yes Colour, not color! I am Australian after all...

After a busy work week, well busy for me, I’m posting about my dress for The Sew Weekly Challenge: The Colour Purple!
My creation this week will most likely be worn for a wedding over the weekend, Pics to come.
It’s also been a stash busting dress for me too, I've had the fabric for about 6 months now... It was purchased from J and O Fabrics, I recommend buying from them. It was easy, quick and rather cheap! Most fabrics are $9 a meter and I found out postage for international areas was $13 for less than 7 yards!
On to the dress! A different combo of New Look 6699 was use for this. The first combo was for my ‘Mum’ dress! It’s a really great pattern with LOTS of options!

I LOVE pansy and I LOVE purple! So this has to be one of my favorite dresses to date!! The fabric has a fair bit of stretch and is not too heavy, we are in summer over here now, my favorite time of the year!

Fabric: Printed cotton, 2 meters, $22.30
Pattern: New Look 6699 $8.50
Year: 2010's
Zip: opp shop zipper $0.60
Buttons: None
Time to complete: 5 hours.
Pattern Difficulty: 4/10
First worn: August 2011.
Wear again? Yes, can’t wait!
Total Cost:  $31.40

Also as its now December and that time of year, here is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Happy sewing!


  1. Gorgeous fabric! And yeah, people really need to learn hot to spell! ;)

    1. Oops, hot = how! Talk about learning how to spell!