Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garage Sales III

Easter Monday I got a puppy! 12 weeks old, male, advertised as a Pomeranian x Maltese but right now at 14 weeks he is the size of both dogs! Also the lady at the vets said he looks more Border Collie than Maltese. What do you think?
In the 3 weeks we’ve had him he has learnt to sit, lay down and shake! Right now he's learning to stay.

The following weekend I wasn’t going to go garage sale-ing as I needed to puppy proof the house! Then my mum called me and said the one she was at was amazing. Lots of lace and fabrics. Boy was she right! I got 5 lots of 5 meters + for $5!

This is 4" wide lace. About 25meters and cost $5!! 

This green is a cotton drill about 6.5 meters

This is very thin yellow linen about 7 to 9 meters.

 Red linen same as the yellow.

This is a Lace fabric about 4 meters. I used the black for contrast.

This is the real find, blue & black woolen fabric, and perfect for the weather right now. It’s already getting to 1°C (33°f)! And at most 18°C (65°f)

With this fabric I want to make this cape. With a frog closure like this.
Any ideas on the lining? I was thinking about getting some plain cotton lawn in the same blue to line it to keep it lighter. The woolen fabric is rather heavy.

Also a matching dog coat like this.
In the blue & black with black polar fleece to line it.

In the end I'm so glad I went! I do wish I had bought more fabric though! Oh well there's always next week.

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